Minestrone Soup In a Jar

minetrone soupI use to hear Minestrone Soup and think “Oh jeeze, what all goes in that?”  Well, unknown to me, the reason all minestrone soup seems to be different is because it is generally a soup that is created out of this and that around the kitchen. Now that I know that….it is much easier to make.

This particular recipe is going to be another pre-made, meal in a jar recipe that you can grab, add water and let cook for dinner. I firmly believe in food storage for multiple reasons and this is another great recipe that can be added to that pantry. 🙂

The key to a good Minestrone soup is the tomato base. In any meal in a jar you create, it is a good idea to put the powders in the bottom so you do not clog your food saver.

General tomato base recipe for all minestrone soup in a jar that I create: (Note: This tomato base recipe I got from Perbain.)


Some alternative ingredients can be Lima beans, chick peas, potatoes, green beans, diced tomatoes, celery, spinach, lentil beans, the possibilities are endless.

(Note: I want to stress that you can make this mix with any vegetables you want to add as long as you have your tomato base recipe in the bottom. You do not have to follow this to a tee, however, you might have to play with your recipe until it fits in your quart jar accordingly. Should you come up with a successful recipe you would like posted, feel free to email it to me at jalapenogal77@gmail.com. You will receive full credit.)


After adding all your ingredients to the jar and pressing down so it will fit. Place Oxygen absorber on top and seal with your vacuum sealer. Voila!! All done and will last years on your shelf.

(Writers note: When vacuum sealing your jars, you do not HAVE to add an Oxygen absorber as the vacuum seal sucks all the air out. I do it just to be safe and for my peace of mind.)

Ready to cook instructions: (Tape these directions to outside of jar with date of creation.)

Pour contents of jar into a large pot with 8 cups of boiling water. Cook for approximately 20 minutes or until noodles and beans are done.


  • You can add more pasta, salt or bullion if you so desire.
  • If I have a beef, vegetable or chicken broth I will substitute a cup of water with a can of these just for added flavor.
  • If I am adding more pasta I will add more broth or water.

vac sealer

wide mouth

Note: Reseal leftover absorbers in a jar to keep them good.

Note: Reseal leftover absorbers in a jar to keep them good.

12 thoughts on “Minestrone Soup In a Jar

  1. Do you need an oxygen absorber when you are vacuum sealing a canning jar? I’ve never used them in jars. Are they necessary?

  2. I know you use freeze-dried vegetables, but what are your thoughts on home-dehydrated veggies? Just curious!
    Thanks so much!

  3. I dehydrate my own vegetables as well. You just have to be careful. If you plan on using them for meals in jars. Jar them up separately for about a week, vacuum sealed, and make sure there is zero condensation in the jar. If there is then stick them back in the dehydrator.

  4. I don’t understand; that white lid stays on? So if you want to store a bunch of jars, you need a bunch of those lids? And they hook up to the bag sealer?
    Can you make your own tomato powder? Sorry for so many questions–I am a newbie!

  5. The white thing you see is a wide mouth jar sealer. It is used with the vacuum sealer. When you put the hose on your sealer it attaches to the white thing which fits on over the lid of the jar. You turn on the vacuum sealer on and it sucks all the air out of the jar sealing it tight. Then you remove the white lid and screw on the ring. I will see if i can find a video and add it to the meals in jars tab.

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