Quick Egg Omelet

PA1010_Omelette_for_a_Crowd_lgThis little trick has been floating around the web for ages now so I thought it was worthy of adding to this site. I have personally done this and it always turns out to be fabulous and our family/friends love being able to wake up and toss a bag into some water so they do not have to wait on us to wake up if they are hungry.

Preparing everything the night before:

  1. Get a sharpie and write everyone’s name (that wants an omelet) on their own individual bag.
  2. Crack two eggs into each bag and shake well. I personally like to whisk mine in a bowl with some milk and then pour it in.
  3. Set out ingredients such as: Cheese, ham, onions (any kind), peppers, mushrooms, spinach, jalapeño’s of course, etc…
  4. Note: We dice up tomatoes and put in a bowl next to the salsa in the fridge and make sure they know where it is in case they want to add those in the morning as well.
  5. Have each person add their own ingredients to their bags and shake well.
  6. Remove as much excess air as possible, seal and place in refrigerator for in the morning.
  7. Set out a large boiling pot on the stove along with some tongs to remove the bag from the boiling water.
  8. Optional: Set out a box of hash-browns, oil and a skillet in case they want to prepare hash-browns with their eggs. OR buy the frozen hash brown patties and let them know its in the freezer.
  9. Place paper plates, cups, napkins and eating utensils on the table. (Less clean up for you if you use throw away dishes while company is in town.)

The next morning:

  1. Fill pot 3/4 the way full and bring to a full rolling boil. If cooking hash-browns, start these when you set the water to boil.
  2. Add entire bag to the water and boil for 13 minutes. (You can usually boil 6-8 omelets in a large pot.)
  3. After 13 minutes exactly, remove the bag and cut open. The omelet will slide out easily onto the plate.
  4. Serve with hash-browns or fresh fruit and everyone is happy, happy, happy!
  5. One other option would be to heat some tortillas and then add the egg to it and wrap it up for a yummy breakfast wrap.

You can also do this for yourself while you get ready for work as the eggs boil and enjoy a healthy breakfast at home verses McDonald’s or some other fast food joint. Always a great way to save money!!



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