Cinnamon and Cloves Party Gift

cinnamon 1You can do many things with cinnamon and cloves now and days. While in the kitchen cooking I looked at my cinnamon sticks and wondered what I could do to use them. Then it hit me. Cinnamon and cloves! Putting the two together can make the worst house smell wonderful. Following the directions below made my house smell fabulous all day:

Use 3 cinnamon sticks and a pinch of whole cloves. Place in a small pan and cover in just enough water so the cinnamon sticks float. Turn water on med head until water begins to steam then turn down to low.

Then I got to thinking that, if put together right, these could be great and affordable little gifts for friends or visitors during the holidays.

I took draw string gift bags left over from my wedding and cut up three cinnamon sticks (in halves) per bag and dropped in a pinch of whole cloves. Pulled the drawstring tight and voila!  You could also put one of these in your drawers, in your closets or hang it from the rear-view window in the car.

For less that $15.00 You can make more than a few of these to hand out.

What You Need For This Simple Project:


  1. Cut 3 Cinnamon sticks in half with scissors and add to a bag.
  2. Place a pinch of whole cloves in the same bag and draw the string tight.



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