Blize Tech Kitchen Sheer Video Review

blize tecIf you have carpel tunnel or tendinitis this is a must read review!

I have been looking for some good Kitchen shears for a very long time.

I was very excited and impressed when I opened them. Not only did they come in a bubble lined envelop, the product was wrapped tightly in bubble wrap as well to ensure safety in shipping. (We all know how our mail gets handled.)

The shears are all stainless steel, even the little lock that holds them together! FINALLY….NO CHEAP PLASTIC PARTS!! While they are not dishwasher safe, I found that acceptable since I prefer to wash my scissors myself and just put them back in the drawer. They are rust and corrosion resistant and I have yet to see either appear on the blades.

The scissors are somewhat heavy and the blades thicker than I thought. The blades were still sharp enough to cut through all sorts of meats & vegetables.

Having carpel tunnel, at first I really thought the weight of the shears would make it difficult to use after a few minutes but I was so wrong. The fact that they are spring loaded made cutting everything up a breeze and painless. I’ve also had issues in the past with regular style scissors really hurting my finger after a few minutes of cutting anything that is difficult. Not with these. Completely painless.


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