I am an author and Executive Editor for American Preppers Network.  It is a fabulous site built for people who want to become more self sufficient and meet like minded people. So why am I creating this you wonder?  Well, by working with APN, I realized that I really enjoy cooking, creating new dishes and working with new ideas.

Some of these recipes are my original recipes while others may be re-posted from Facebook or other blogs. If I re post a recipe my family loves, then I will also post the source of that recipe and give credit where credit is due.

This blog is going to be geared more towards the food loving crowd and starts the collection of my favorite recipes, canning meals, meals in a jar and my experiences with them. There are also links to all of my self reliant articles on the APN, conversion chart and calculators, printable PDFs, terms/definitions and much much more.

I currently live in Georgia with my husband and two beautiful children. Aside from my husbands income, my only source of income are these articles, so periodically you will see product links directing you to amazon. With a hard working husband who provides for us, I am able to work from home and stay home to raise our girls.

With that I will close the introduction to this blog. Happy reading!!

Keeping It Spicy,

Jalapeño Gal

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