These are photos that I have taken that I am proud of. I am far from a professional but I really enjoy taking pictures. I hope you like them to.

final peppersSeptember 23, 2014 These are peppers that father-in-law brought over from his garden. We had fun canning them together.

strawberries finalJune 2014 The Family and I went and picked strawberries and made some yummy jam!

Pepper PictureSeptember 21, 2014 Peppers that were from my father in laws garden.

20140803_084857(1)August 2014 We canned up some blue berry pie filling and it was delicious!

canvasSeptember 2014 These are the ingredients to making your own fresh fruit yogurt jar.

dehydrated tomatoAugust 2014 Dehydrated tomatoes

yogurt 1Sept 2014 Mmmmmmmm yummy yogurt!

tomatoesAugust 2014 All the yummy tomatoes fit in this quart size jar and turned out very tasty and flavorful.

jalapenos finalSept 2014 Aren’t they Beautiful? I love home grown vegetables.

crockpot chicken2014 Crock pot Whole Chicken Recipe the whole family will love!!

Diet finalMarch 2014 I took this back in March when I started the advocare diet. It really works!!

ingredientsAugust 2014 Ingredients that are so pretty.

jalapeno final 2Sept 2014 This is my work station when I was preparing peppers for the canner.

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