Meals in a Jar

For Meals in Jars Recipes,Click Picture Below!

(Note: Not all of these meals are originally done by me. Some of the recipes are found online by various people and I have altered them to fit our families need. I will do my best to post who I get the foundation recipes from below.

I make my meals 12 quarts at a time since that is how many jars come on one box. Each jar typically feeds four people. 3 meals a day x 31 days a month = 93 meals a month. 93 / 12 (the amount of jars per box) = 7.75 I round up to 8. So 8 cases of jars is one months worth of meals for a family of four. They also stack nicely in the corner of the closet. I love this because now I don’t have box after box of #10 cans all over the house.

Photo by: Little House Living

Photo by: Little House Living

How to use your white vacuum seal attachment video. Skip to 5:40

The Basic things you will need to make your Meals in a Jar remain fresh and last longer are listed below! Just click the picture to take you to that product for more details.

Wide Mouth Jar attachment

Wide Mouth Jar attachment

vac sealer

Vacuum Sealer


Foundation Recipe Sources:

Rainy Day Food Storage, Chef Tess, 255 Sage, Perbain

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  1. Thank you. I appreciate it. Sometimes I do forget and out of habit I stick it in there. I went through all of my articles on here and fixed it. I think I found 4 or 5 of them done that way. 🙂

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