Simple Dehydration Charts

PLEASE NOTE: Drying time depends on several factors:

  • Thick or Thin Slices – the thinner the slice of item being dried, the quicker the drying time.
  • Temperature – The lower the temperature- the longer the drying time.  When dehydrating fruits, vegetables and nuts, we recommend dehydrating at 105-110 degrees to preserve enzymes and nutrients.
  • Humidity – the higher the humidity, the longer the drying time
  • Water content – the higher the water (liquid) content of the item being dehydrated, the longer the drying time.
  • Crispiness – some people like their dehydrated items still a bit soft, while others like it “crunchy or crispy”.. If you want it more crunchy-crispy, it will increase the time it takes to dry all the water out..
  • Product – Of course the product being dehydrated also will dictate how long it takes to dry, as shown by the chart below as a reference.


Apples 7-15 hours
Apricots 20-28 hours
Bananas 6-10 hours
Berries 10-15 hours
Cherries 13-21 hours
Cranberries 10-12 hours
Figs 22-30 hours
Grapes 22-30 hours
Kiwi 7-15 hours
Nectarines 8-16 hours
Peaches 8-16 hours
Pears 8-16 hours
Persimmons 11-19 hours
Pineapple 10-18 hours
Prune Plums 22-30 hours
Rhubarb 6-10 hours
Strawberries 7-15 hours
Watermelon 8-10 hours


Asparagus 5-6 hours
Beans, Green or Wax 8-12 hours
Beets 8-12 hours
Broccoli 10-14 hours
Cabbage 7-11 hours
Carrots 6-10 hours
Celery 3-10 hours
Corn 6-10 hours
Cucumber 4-8 hours
Eggplant 4-8 hours
Greens 3-7 hours
Mushrooms 3-7 hours
Okra 4-8 hours
Onions 4-8 hours
Parsnips 7-11 hours
Peas 4-8 hours
Peppers / Hot Peppers 4-8 hours
Popcorn 4-8 hours
potatoes 6-14 hours
pumpkin 7-11 hours
Summer Squash 10-14 hours
Tomatoes 5-9 hours
Turnips 8-12 hours
Winter Squash 7-11 hours
Yams 7-11 hours
Zucchini 7-11 hours


Leather & Fruit Rolls 4-6 hours
Jerky 4-6 hours
Fish Jerky 12-14 hours
Herbs & Spices 2-4 hours
Nuts 10-14 hours
Re-crisping 1 hour

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